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Some nice beet root going down to the restaurant this morning

Some nice beet root going down to the restaurant this morning

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Awesome Weather

Wow this weather has everything hopping out of the ground. Our chefs picked two beds of Spinach and two beds of baby beets today. 

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Fifth year on the hill

Well Alan Steve and I rebuilt our 23 beds for our fifth season up on the hill. I also took the winter cover off our propagator and plan to sow about ten trays of seeds tomorrow. I notice from this blog that we are about a week behind then last year. It just seems to be still a little too chilly to germinate seeds. We will know in a week or so!

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So so much has happened in the last year

Hi there, were back, i just couldn’t start to to tell you how much heartache went down in this garden over the last six months. Anyway were starting back at it for 2014. Loads of plans and loads of plants. I will put up some winter shots of our garden over the next few days, meanwhile it`s seed buying time at the moment. Any suggestions on what you would like on your plate this summer in Aqua?

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Has Spring Sprung?

Another nice day here on the hill. Sowed more seeds in the propagator. Baby snowball turnips, F1 defender Courgettes, three trays of Lollo Rosso and more baby Beetroot, this time from Unwins; F1 Kestral Hybrids.

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First decent day for propagating here in Howth. Sowed some Soleil F1 Hybrid Courgettes, Scenic F1 Hybrid Baby Spinach, Kestrel F1 Hybrid Baby Beetroot and some Cos Lettuce. We keep going back to the same Thomson & Morgan seeds as they are so reliable and produce lovely vegetables.

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Our Best Friend Fencelife

We have been using this water based product up in the garden for the last three years and we couldn’t recommend it any further.

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Aqua`s Kitchen garden gets ready for season four and we are open six days a week from Tuesday the 26th down on the pier. It must be nearly Summer!

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Looking back and planning 2013

Looking back at 2012 and I think one of the best ideas was to plant a full bed each of Coriander, Chervil and Dill. Along with all pots of herbs, this really gave our chefs a massive choice when planning their menus. Looking forward to this season, we see no reason to fix something that’s not broken. We plan to sow much of the same. These were (in no particular order) Baby Beetroot  Turnips, Lollo Rosso, Courgettes, Baby Spinach, Tom Thumb Lettuce, Iceberg Lettuce Strawberries and Raspberries. Roll on next season.

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